Hi there! I’m Karli and I live in Mesa, Arizona. I am a registered dietitian, new mommy, wife and the writer behind Peas of Cake.   Not only am I interested in the science of food and its therapeutic uses for health; I  to be in my kitchen trying new recipes and cooking for my family.  I am mostly a stay at home mom right now, which has given me the opportunity to experiment more in the kitchen and create this food blog! 

I decided to start a blog after realizing one day that I have a serious problem with looking at pictures of food, saving recipes and get super excited to make them. I am a Pinterest fanatic,  cutting recipes out of magazines and finding awesome new restaurants to try.  I often put my own spin on recipes by swapping ingredients to make them healthier, but still taste amazing (if not better!). I don’t have any formal training on cooking besides a few things I’ve learned through my nutrition education and just teaching myself at home.

Since I live in the Arizona, you’ll probably notice a lot of my recipes have a Southwestern influence. I am also all about cooking with produce in season and creating dishes that are bright, bold and refreshing! I can’t wait to share some easy-breezy recipes that are both nutritious and delicious for the every day home cook.  Many of my posts will also be kid and baby friendly as I am a new mommy, faced with the challenge of making yummy yet accepting meals for the little one!

Here’s a little bit more about me…


I married my high school sweetheart and we now have a baby girl named Noelle, who was born in May 2013. Both of them are my taste testers and critics. My husband has also been a big help in putting this blog together. I’m sure he doesn’t mind though, because he knows he’ll get some homemade yummy food as a result of it. 🙂





This is our golden retriever Paisley who is also a taste tester, thanks to Noelle who so graciously gives her samples. She is one fun and interesting dog….her favorite snacks are bell peppers and walnuts. 🙂
FYI: We don’t normally dress her up like this…we entered her in a Halloween contest one year!







This is part of the kitchen where the magic happens. 😉 As you can imagine, we spend a lot of time hanging out in here. 

I also spend my time doing DIY projects around the house, yoga, activities with baby Noelle and hanging out with friends and family.

Thank you for visiting! Feel free to leave a comment, especially if you have tried a recipe, or contact me with any questions.  You can also follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.  Bon appétit.